Height Finder App Reviews

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Dont bother, doesnt work!

This thing is useless! Constantly jumping hundreds of feet up and down.

Elevation Finder

Good app, but I wish it was a bit more consistent in its readings.

Altitude finder

For a free application, this pretty good even though the readings "wobble" a bit on occasion. If you need accuracy in actual feet (within ten feet) you should spend some cash for it.


This app does exactly what it says it would do.

CO traveler

Works perfectly well where ever I go.

Works well enough

Only complaint here is that the margin of error is sometimes quite high.

My Review

Not too shabby!

I like it!

The readings "wobble" a bit, but seems quite accurate. Cute graphics. Im always way above the airplane, in outer space, up here at 12,000 ft. ☺


Well pleased with the accuracy.


Yes its not accurate to a couple feet but gives a good enough idea. Good app.

At last

I have always been curious about elevation and this works very well.


Lots of fun. Nice to know where I am in the atmosphere.

Height finder

Very fun app. I used it going over the Rocky Mountains. Very accurate.

Works great

No problems and funny details in the pictures too.


Very nice and accurate!


Very accurate. I have verified by comparing its results with the altitude markers at several of the National Parks in my area.

Great app

Love this app!


Works well for general information; not accurate enough for cartography or similar uses.

Good free app

Very accurate

David Curtis

Great app fast and accurate love it.

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